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Competence-Driven Pull System and Skill Management

Scale operations by defining queues for what gets done next and have work assigned by matching user and issue skills requirements.

Skills: the missing element

Competence shortage is reported by US CEOs as the 2nd most significant external risk for enterprises (Deloitte, 2022).

Yet, they are rarely properly managed.

Boost productivity and bridge knowledge gaps in your organization by taking control of human capital.

Pull-driven work manager for Jira

If you're looking for a way to streamline work for your team, Pull-Driven Work Management is the solution you've been looking for!

This app simplifies handling routine tasks, maintenance and support tickets, and more by providing users with a single place to pull new issues and manage current assignments.

With Pull-Driven Work Management, you can define queues for work to be done and have users get their work items with just a click of a button. It will help you organize work in multiple environments where individual contribution is favoured over teamwork and where work is done at scale:
- process-oriented environments
- service desk
- maintenance work
- domain-specific business domains with autonomous experts handling pools of common tasks (back office, legal, procurement, hiring, etc).

Maps, Locations and Territories

The ultimate geospatial support in Jira. 

Take control of your organization’s fieldwork 

Add locations to issues, define territories and their supporting users, and enable systemic management of location-based issues at scale with on-map visibility and territorial-based assignments. The product’s functions include:


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